Samsung SM-G531 Hard Reset, Factory Reset and Unlock Code

Samsung SM-G531 Hard Reset :- Hard reset is one of the best method to resolve problem related to phone booting continuously are after some interval, phone hangs during game play, phone not responding or your smartphone stuck on pattern lock. There are many ways to had reset your smartphone device but recommended are by press and hold series of button and software method. Other method rather than software or buttons required deep knowledge of programming so we will skip that stuff. So lets take a look on how you can format or hard reset your smartphone:-


Samsung SM-G531 Hard Reset

What a hard reset method means is it will format your smartphone to factory setting, unlock device and remove all data stored on your phone. Caution do not insert your SD card if you are performing hard reset.

Samsung SM-G531 Hard Reset

Samsung SM-G531 Factory Reset

What i like about this method is it will not remove phone data but has the power to change your factory settings. Once you phone settings are change to factory setting your phone will run little faster than before and consume less battery.

Samsung SM-G531 Factory Reset

Samsung SM-G531 Recovery Mode

Recovery mode are helpful in the act of recover your lost data. Lost data can be recover by apps if it is not exchange with new data that is deleted. Follow the link below to know about retrieving your files:-

Samsung SM-G531 Recovery Mode

Please Note :- Hard reset always require a reserving battery of at least 48% percent. So it is recommended to charge your phone to the level before reset the device because this method might corrupt your OS if your phone is switched off in the Mid-Way process.

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Samsung SM-G531 USB Debugging and Developer Option

I personally love this method in smartphone because it give you the ability to do almost anything in your smartphone like changing of your smartphone Operating System, Remove Bloatwares etc, but use this method at your own risk there are some setting which did not effect your smartphone but if take debugging mode to programming language it may corrupt your OS and can close your warranty with smartphone company. To activate the developer option or debugging mode just go to USB DEBUGGING / developer option.

Samsung SM-G531 Imei

IMEI number can be accessed via by dialing number *#06# through your Dial Pad. It is recommended to take a note of your smartphone IMEI code because this code helps to recover lost phone by filing a police complaint. For detailed information on recovering your IMEI code go through our recover imei number.

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