LG Stylus 2 Hard Reset, Master Reset and Unlock Code

LG Stylus 2 Hard Reset :- Do you want to hard reset your smartphone device? The below mentioned guide will tell you about how you can easily reset your phone by typing a few sets of keys in the matter of seconds. Hard reset are currently being used to recover your smart phone from any kind of damage done by hackers, installed spyware or malware software, many small errors just like when your phone hangs and not responding and recovering it from any kind of lock except PIN or PUK.


About Hard Reset

Hard reset has been structure has been implemented in the smartphone since the beginning of Android v2.3 Operating System 2.3. Before this version users or smartphone company does not feel the need of adding the system on device. In the previous version you have noticed that only factory reset method has been given in the settings menu to change the settings of the smartphone but due to lack of app developer this method are introduced. When newer app are starting to emerge and added to play store company has accessed the risk of getting hacked or getting virus on the smartphone so they add a new feature which is stay hidden from users currently known as hard reset.

LG Stylus 2 Hard Reset

Hard reset added function take you into boot mode and gives you 5 option to choose from out of which hard reset option are mentioned in the form of Format Phone and Unlocking Device. Choosing the option will result in removing the entire content from your smartphone.

LG Stylus 2 Hard Reset

LG Stylus 2 Factory Reset

As i mentioned above this method only be accessed when you have to change smartphone settings. Once done the change settings cannot be recovered so use this option as your second last resort.

LG Stylus 2 Factory Reset

LG Stylus 2 Recovery Mode

Recovery option might recover your stored smartphone file which are deleted during phone reset. There is no surety that every file which are deleted can be recovered but you might at least you might recover many of them  :-

LG Stylus 2 Recovery Mode

Caution :- During the act of hard reset plug-in your phone charger with smartphone and make sure you have at least 40% of your smartphone battery. Once these two elements are in place proceed with hard reset method.

LG Stylus 2 USB Debugging and Developer Option

Debugging or developer option are resourceful when the need of changing smartphone settings are occurred. Changing smartphone setting can cause serious damage of your smartphone and your smartphone warranty might get cancelled immediately. To activate the developer option or debugging mode just go to USB DEBUGGING / developer option.

LG Stylus 2 Imei

Most of the smartphone IMEI number can be accessed by dialing number *#06# through your Dial Pad. Just take a note of the number somewhere safe so in future you can access it easily. Why we need it? you might need this code if by accident you lost your phone somewhere. For detailed information on recovering your IMEI code go through our recover imei number.

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