Free Ways To Unlocked Any Windows Based Cell Phones

Is your cell phone blocked accidentally no problem today i am share the free ways to unblock any android based cell phone. So There are three ways to unblock your cell phone. First is if you from your mobile phone setting and second is when your windows based phone become unresponsive at start or hang when it start and third method is using software method. In this article i am share with you all the three methods to unblock your windows based cell phone. So lets take a look at the procedure :-


Unblock Cell Phone Using Your Phone Setting

This method is simple and it is only used when your phone does not hang or not unresponsive. Please take a backup of your phone data to your SD card when you use this method else all data on your phone will erase after this task. So lets take a look at the step by step way to hard rest phone

1.) Go to your settings

2.) Press on the about tab

3.) Press Reset Your Phone and after the message prompt Click Yes.

Unlock Cell Phones When It is unresponsive

Warning : While using this method all of the phone data will be deleted but it does not delete SD card data. It is preferred to remove SD card while performing hard reset.

If your phone become hang at startup or unresponsive then this method can be apply. This option is also know as hard reset or factory restore settings. While performing this method please ensure that you have at least 50% of battery available in your cell phone. The method of hard reset are given below

1) Switch off your cell phone

2) Press the combine keys given below

Volume down + Power Key (Hold it for ten seconds)

3) When you feel a vibrate then press and hold volume down – button until you see (! exclamation mark) .

4) When you see this mark this button in order volume up +, volume down -, Power Button and volume down -.

Congratulation Your phone will now start to hard reset. Wait until it complete hard reset process it may take a couple of minutes.

Unlock cell phone with Windows Device Recovery Tool

If the above two are fail then you can use this third method to hard / factory reset your smartphone. The third method is using a data cable that connect to computer and with a software you can reset, restore your windows phone. Before using this method make sure all of your phone data is saved on your SD card so you can restore it later.

Note: Please Charge Your Phone Battery to Minimum 50% to use this method

Requirement To Use The Method

  1. Microsoft window 7 or greater on your computer.
  2. A USB Cable That Connect to computer.


Step By Step Method

  1. Download The software Windows Device Recovery Tool.
  2. Complete the installation and run the program
  3. On screen it say please connect your phone then connect your phone to computer. It will automatically detect your phone. If it not detected then remove the phone and connect again. Make sure no other phone or USB device connected to computer.
  4. When your phone is connected switch on your phone and press and hold power down and power key until phone start to vibrate.
  5. Now press install software to continue fix problems.

For Nokia Phones Use This Method

  1. Install Nokia System Recovery Tool.
  2. Run the software if prompted select your correct USB mode on nokia phone.
  3. It will take you to the installation or recovery page update your software and its done

The installation may take long depend on your internet speed so make sure that your battery is full.

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