Coolpad Dazen 1 Hard Reset, Factory Reset and Unlock Code

Coolpad Dazen 1 Hard Reset :- I have seen many smartphone got hang during the process of calling, playing, shifting to other windows and changing settings or wallpaper of the smartphone. I have also read and get many personal request of changing smartphone password or try to format their device so today i decided to make post on how you can hard reset your smartphone by as simple mean as possible. This method are tested and worked on almost every android smartphone you have hold or purchase now. Instead of purchasing the software and paying price to recovery your smartphone i am giving a free knowledge on how you can do it manually by yourself.


Coolpad Dazen 1 Hard Reset

An ultimate way to recover your smartphone from almost every difficult kind of situation such as hanging, pattern and app unlocking also useful to removing uninstallable apps.

Coolpad Dazen 1 Hard Reset

Coolpad Dazen 1 Factory Reset

Changing settings from the smartphone default. Caution it might delete your game setting as well so be prepare to loose you game saved files.

Coolpad Dazen 1 Factory Reset

Coolpad Dazen 1 Recovery Mode

A software which helps to recover lost or deleted files my recommendation goes with the software mentioned in link given below:-

Coolpad Dazen 1 Recovery Mode

Caution :- Hard reset require enormous amount of energy to complete. Make sure your battery is either 40% and plug-in to charger or 75% charged to continue with the process.

Coolpad Dazen 1 Apps you should Install

If your smartphone is just recovering from a virus then it currently at the highest probability to be attacked by virus again. Dont risk your smartphone again just install the 3 best security app which i have mentioned below:-

  1. Norton Anti Theft
    Very old and most trusted security app for android and laptop
  2. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security
    No Trial, No Credit Card Submission a totally free antivirus app for android users
  3. Avast Antivirus & Security
    Avast is a leading name in mobile and desktop to recover from virus, malware and threats

Coolpad Dazen 1 Debugging and Developer Option

Debugging or developer option are resourceful when the need of changing smartphone settings are occurred. Changing smartphone setting can cause serious damage of your smartphone and your smartphone warranty might get cancelled immediately. To activate the developer option or debugging mode just go to USB DEBUGGING / developer option.

Coolpad Dazen 1 Imei

Apart from hard resetting there is another thing which i will recommended you to do so which take a note of your IMEI number by typing number *#06# on your Dial Pad. Taking and Storing the number will help you recover your smartphone in case of lost or forgotten somewhere. For detailed information on recovering your IMEI code go through our recover imei number.

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One thought on “Coolpad Dazen 1 Hard Reset, Factory Reset and Unlock Code

  1. mohit gwadi

    sir I got such msg on my phone encryption was interrupted and cannot be completed. as a result the data on your phone is no longer accessible.
    to resume using your phone you need to perform a factory reset. when you set up your phone after the reset. you will have an opportunity to restore any data that was backed up to your sd card
    please press below button to perform factory reset
    reset phone is the option but not taking any command from myself..


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