Step by Step Guide to Change Gmail Password

Change Gmail Password:- As we all know that google is using only one login id and password to access all of their services on the internet like gmail, youtube, calendar, contacts, play store, drive and lots more. If anybody knows or figure out your password then the person can get access to every google service and he have the authority to change, delete or mischief with your account information which might leads to permanent removal of account. With the removal of your account every website you registered using gmail account might ended up deleted eventually. So it is important for us to change password frequently almost once in a month. If you forgot your password or do not remember it know you can check our previous post in which i am told about how you can recover your password. So let’s take a look on step by step methods to change your gmail password.



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How to Change Gmail Password

Follow the below steps to change your current gmail password:-

  1. Open Gmail Website and Sign-in to your account.
  2. After sign-in to your account click on GEAR ICON which is given at right top side.
  3. Once you click on Gear Icon a drop down menu section will appear then click on SETTINGS.
  4. On Settings Page click on tab ACCOUNT AND IMPORT.
  5. On Change Account Settings Tab Click on link CHANGE PASSWORD.
  6. Now you have to log-in to your gmail account to give permission to change your account password.
  7. Once you log-in you will be redirected to PASSWORD section where you have to type your new password and then click on CHANGE PASSWORD button.
  8. Once you click on change password button your password will be changed.Sign-out and then sign-in to your account using your new password.

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