Step By Step Guide to Change Boot Order in Windows 8

How To Change Boot Order in Windows 8:- Does your windows 8 laptop or pc is infected with virus? Do you want to format or reinstall your PC windows again? If yes then your first step towards reinstalling windows is changing the boot setting to CD/DVD/USB or any other kind of external storage media where window setup is installed. Once you successfully change the boot order of your PC it is a piece of cake to install a window on your device like you are installing software on computer. In this article i will provide information on how you can change boot order and then install window on your device.


Why do we Need To Change the Boot Order

The first time we hear about changing boot order the first question is come in our mind that why should we need to change boot order we have setup on CD/DVD we can install window on hard drive right away why we shouldn’t do that. The answer is you cannot because this process does not overwrite new window it will install a fresh copy of window on your computer and then you will have two copy of windows installed on your computer which slow down your computer speed drastically and cause many other problems like hanging software, increasing fan speed etc. If choose boot order to external the it will first format your existing window files and install a fresh copy that’s why boot order is essential to change in order to install window.

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How To Change Boot Order in Windows 8, 8.1

Once we learned everything about everything related to boot loading now its time to change follow the step by step guide given below to change boot order settings:-

  1. Go to start menu by typing window button.
  2. Now type ADVANCED STARTUP and it will find the app similar to it but we have to click on Settings link see the pic below and click on the link.
  3. Now you will be redirected to PC Settings page here click on GENERAL menu given at left side of menu page and then scroll down to bottom of right hand side screen and click on button RESTART NOW under section ADVANCED STARTUP.
  4. Once you click on button Restart Now your computer will be restarted and sky blue color window will appear with four different kinds of options on that window choose option TROUBLESHOOT.
  5. On troubleshoot page click on button ADVANCED OPTIONS.
  6. On Advance option page click on button UEFI Firmware Settings and the click on restart.
  7. Now you PC will be restarted in BIOS mode. In any case if your computer does not show BIOS option the press F2 button multiple times when your window is restarting. Make sure you press F2 button immediately after the restarting otherwise it will not work.
  8. Now you computer will be in BIOS mode here select BOOT option from main menu and then on EXTERNAL DEVICE BOOT choose option ENABLED using arrows keys.
  9. Choose Boot Priority as External Device and then save and exit the setting by pressing F10 button.
  10. Now insert you CD/DVD/USB into computer and your BIOS will start to load the device where microsoft window is located.

Once your windows is installed change back the settings as it was before and then window will started to load. Failed to do that step will not load your fresh copy of window and you will stuck on boot screen.

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