Step By Step Guide on How To Send Your First Email From Yahoo

How To Send Yahoo Mail:- If you are landed to this post than it means this is your first time using yahoo mail service. Well the emails are most trusted ways to transfer electronic messages or data from one place to another using email address and it became popular since 90’s during the launch of hotmail. The first email was send in 1960’s which require both users to stay online to send messages and now we are using store and forward service in which users can receive email anytime he log-in. If you are using other mail services like gmail then it is easy for you to send mail from any other mail service but if it is your first time then i will guide you step by step methods on how to send email from yahoo.


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How To Send Yahoo Mail

Below are the steps and screen-shots to send you first yahoo email:-

Step#1 Create Account

If you have already create an account on yahoo then skip this step but if you did not create account on the website then follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • Go to the url “” and click on SIGN-IN button given at top right side of the page.
  • On Sign-in section scroll down and click on Sign-Up Link.
  • Once you click on sign-up a form will be appear enter your details to create yahoo account.

Step#2 Log-in to Account Dashboard

Once your account is created just click on sign-in link again and log-in to your account using email id and password. Once you log-in to account you will be redirected to mail dashboard page.

Step#3 Compose Mail

To write your first email click on compose button which is given at top left corner, Once you click on compose button a new window will appear where you can type your mail messages.


Step#4 Adding Attachment

Ever mail services offer storage space in which you can store any file whether its text, audio or video which also terms as mail attachment. To attach any file with your mail click on PIN ICON given right next to send button and then click on Attach Files From Computer.


Step#4 Now Add Address, Subjects, Bcc, CC

Once you type and attach files you like then the final thing is to add email address. If you want to send file to just one person add address on TO option. If you want to send message to more than one person you will click on BCC/CC and add other persons email-address so the same mail can be delivered to more persons. Once you add everything then click on SEND button to send your first mail.


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