Simple Guide To Change Gmail Username and Address

Change Gmail Username:-  Username in email is an important factor whether your email is open or delete by other user you send email. The first thing email address owner notice is the username of the sender which appeared in bold letters at the left side of the subject matter on the list of emails and figured out which email is spam or which needs to be opened. So username plays a vital role in opening email so it is essential to change your username in case of getting high mail opening rate or if you want change your correspondent name. If you are an owner if gmail address then there is a way you can change your gmail username. The steps by step method to change your gmail address is given below:-


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How to Change Gmail Username

Follow the below mentioned steps to change your gmail username:-

  1. Sign in to your gmail account.
  2. Click on GEAR like icon which is given at top right side and then click on link SETTINGS.
  3. On settings page click on ACCOUNT AND IMPORT tab and then scroll down to section SEND MAIL AS and at right side of that section click on link EDIT INFO.
  4. Once you click on edit info link then a pop-up window will appear on that window you will see name section select blank radio button and then type your username you want for your email address.
  5. Once you type your new username click on SAVE CHANGES button and your username will change to that name.

How to Change Gmail Address

Once your gmail address is created it cannot be changed again as per the terms and policy however you can delete your gmail account and then make a new gmail account with the desired email address you like. If you want to delete your email account then it is recommended to take a backup of your data because once your email address is deleted the mail and communication related to the email address will be permanently lost.

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