Setup VPN on Windows 7, 8, 9, 10 XP and Vista

Setup VPN on Windows:- Do you want to know how to setup or configure your own virtual private network (VPN). Do you want to use vpn services without installing any third party software or services on your computer? If you want to setup or configure your own virtual network without use of any third party software then i will share with you the information on how to configure your own VPN but before telling you the method on how to configure i will share the information what VPN is and whats its advantage.

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) in short is a network configuration that encrypted your browsing data to let anonymously browse every website. VPN services are used to avoid collecting your browsing data by ISP (Internet Service Provider, Government Agencies and Hackers). When you are browsing the internet using a vpn server the data is transferred in encrypted format which only the users who configure the VPN server can decode so it is the safest method to transfer your online bank funds or purchasing product through credit cards.


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What are the Advantages of Virtual Private Network

  1. It will hide your personal IP address so it will be impossible to track your address and information
  2. Secure your computer from stolen information by hackers.
  3. Unblock website which are restricted by country isp address.
  4. Secure your computer for online virus and malware.
  5. Browse torrent website.

How To Setup VPN on Windows 7, 8, 9, 10, XP, Vista

Follow the below mentioned step by step method to activate VPN services on your computer:-

  1. Click on Start and Go to your Control Panel. You can also press window shortcut key Window+R and then type Control Panel and press enter button.
  2. On Control Panel Window Select INTERNET OPTION.
  3. On Internet Option Pop-up window choose tab CONNECTION.
  4. Now locate and click on button ADD VPN.
  5. Now enter your Internet Address and Destination Name and click on CREATE button.
  6. Once you click on create vpn button a new network option will be visible on your internet connection. Connect to that connection using the credential provide to you by your network administrator and start browsing webs anonymously.

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