Samsung Galaxy S8 Caller ID Keeps Stopping – Solution

Samsung Galaxy S8 Caller ID Keeps Stopping:- Galaxy s8 is said to be one of the best and top rated smartphone that samsung company has launched till now. Stunning looking design, remarkable specifications and updated technology the s8 smartphone has everything which a latest smartphone should have but best smartphone does not mean that you will never face any technical problems or glitches. Recently a glitch has been discovered in samsung galaxy s8 smartphone which stop its users to run any app on the device and also don’t let them call to any problem. The users who are facing this problem has reported that they are getting a message “Caller ID Keeps Stopping” whenever they are trying to call any number or open any app. But unlike any other problem this glitch has a temporary solution which i am going to explain in the below mentioned post:-


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Samsung Galaxy S8 Caller ID Keeps Stopping

Follow the step by step method to fix Caller ID Keeps Stopping problem:-

  1. Go to your smartphone SETTINGS.
  2. On Settings follow the sequence Apps -> Show All Apps -> Caller ID -> Storage -> Clear Cache.
  3. After clearing your cache click on CLEAR DATA.
  4. Once you clear your data restart your device and try to use the app and calling function once again. Your smartphone will now started working.

According to sources this error might be the result of latest update installed on our devices. This error might get resolved when samsung company will released a new update.

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