How To Use Teamviewer Software To Access Remote Computer

How To Use Teamviewer:- While operating a computer you have face a lot of problem sometime technical or sometime it was work related on your day to day tasks. A work related problem might get fixed by your office staff but what will happen if you are performing your office related task at home. Instead of sending thousands of file via email and ask for assistance we can directly connect with that expert person and let him view or change the information that you are currently working on. Same thing goes for technical issue a technical expert will connect with your computer and can configure or change setting of your computer to get it fixed in no-time thanks to the software named Teamviewer. Well your guess is right teamviewer software allow you to connect to other computer by knowing their teamviewer id and password. So let’s take a look on how to install and use this resourceful software:-


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How To Use Teamviewer

Follow the below mentioned step by step method to install and use teamviewer software

  1. First download the software by visiting Official Teamviewer Website.
  2. Once Downloaded open the installer file and follow the installation process.
  3. Now on How Do You Want to Proceed? choose BASIC INSTALLATION.
  4. On How do you want to use Teamviewer? choose BOTH OF THE ABOVE and then accept the terms and condition by clicking on button ACCEPT – FINISH.
  5. Now open the software and create a account with your email id to unlock full feature of the software.
  6. Once you sign-in to account open the software to visit dashboard. On dashboard of the software you will see your id and password on left hand side. You can share this id and password so other computer can get connect with you see the screenshot below for reference.
  7. On right next side of your login and password you can see section CONTROL REMOTE COMPUTER. On this section enter your partner computer ID, Choose remote access and click on button CONNECT TO PARTNER to access your friends computer for changes.
  8.  Once you click on CONNECT TO PARTNER screen will blur for short-time don’t worry once it connect with destination computer you can see your partner desktop screen and can control his computer.
  9. You can also chat and share file using this software. To do that you have to connect to your partner computer as FILE TRANSFER option check the screenshot below for reference.

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