How To Unblock a Website using Chrome Extension

How to Unblock a Website:- Do you want to unblock a website using your chrome browser? Well you can do that by using a chrome extension. There are alot of website on the internet which are country specific and won’t allow other country users or IP users to access the website and show some error messages like the website will soon be available in your country and the web page cannot be displayed. A lot of that website can be easily accessed by using proxy server website like but a lot of them are well protected website which can only be accessed after you installed a secured encrypted based proxy server tools like zenmate which can easily be installed from chrome store. So let’s see how to unblock a website using chrome extension named zenmate:-


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Why Zenmate?

There are plenty of options available on the internet to hide your IP address then why should we choose zenmate over them. We choose zenmate because it is one of the trusted security brand name, second is the extension and application is available on every browser, third the website uses encrypted server which means your data is secured and can’t be traced or hacked by internet service provider and hackers.

How To Unblock a Website

Follow the below mentioned method to unblock a country restricted or protected website:-

  1. Install the extension zenmate from google chrome store.
  2. Once you click on zenmate icon it will open a new browser window on which you will have to register first.
  3. Click on GET ZENMATE PREMIUM NOW and fill out the form information to get your login details.
  4. When you login to your account a green icon will be appeared on zenmate icon given on browser top right side which means your account is active.
  5. Now click on the zenmate icon then a pop-down menu will be appeared. On that pop-down menu you will see three icons first is your destination, second is zenmate shield and third is the destination website. Click on shield icon and choose the country you like to mask your IP address in that country.

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