How To Turn On or Off Facebook SMS Alerts

Turn On or Off Facebook SMS Alerts:- Facebook company has provided many option to stay connected with your friends or family members anytime by launching its messenger app so if you are driving or on travel you can also stay connected with them but what if you are out of your WIFI area zone or in a remote area where you cannot connect to your internet service provider and someone of your friend or family member sent you a message. Well you cannot reply to the message for sure but there is a way to read the message sent to you by other members with the help of Facebook Notification alert as a SMS.

This feature comes in handy when you are visiting a area where you cannot access to internet but want to make sure that none of the message you will miss. You can activate the option and start receiving Facebook message an alert on your smartphone. This service is free of cost and Facebook does not charge any kind of service fee from it. But using the service will be quite bothersome sometime because the message does not stop coming on your mobile and fill your message inbox with spam so turning off the service while not want is good exercise well i also turn of the service. So lets take a look on how to turn on or off Facebook SMS alert on your smartphone:-

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Turn ON or OFF Facebook SMS Alerts

Follow the below mentioned steps to turn ON or OFF Facebook Notification:-

  1. Go to the following url “” and sign in with your account.
  2. After you sign-in with your account click on ARROW Down icon which is given at top right side a drop down menu section will be appeared.
  3. On that drop down menu click on link SETTINGS.
  4. On Settings Page click on NOTIFICATIONS which is given at left menu section then locate the section TEXT MESSAGES and click on link EDIT on right hand side.
  5. Once you click on EDIT link a new section will be appeared then choose text notification are ON or choose OFF button to turn off sms notification.

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