How to Turn Off Facebook Chat – Solved

Turn Off Facebook Chat:- Facebook chat is a window that appeared on right hand side of the page when you log-in to your account. On that window you can see a list of your friends with some number like hours and min appeared right next it and on some friends you will see a green icon is visible. The green icon represent that the person is currently on facebook and is available to chat. Well some of your friend see that and send you messages and soon a box of messages will be appeared everywhere on your screen while you are doing private chat with someone. This thing bugs me alot when i chat with someone on facebook but i found a way to turn off facebook chat and can add some of my friend to that function list so they can see that i am online and available to chat. So lets take a look on how you can turn off your facebook chat:-


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Turn Off Facebook Chat

You can apply the function to your entire friends so nobody can see you are online or you can apply to a list of friend. Follow the below mentioned steps to turn off facebook chat:-

  1. Log in to your facebook account.
  2. On bottom right hand side chat window click on GEAR ICON a pop-up window with menu links will appear.
  3. On that pop-up menu links click on TURN OFF CHAT.
  4. Once you click on turn off chat link a pop-up message will appears select the second option on that pop-up message and add the friend you frequently chat with or you want that they could see you online once you log-in and click on OKAY.
  5. The moment you press the OKAY button you will be invisible to everyone except the friend you add.

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