How To Take Backup and Restore Contacts on Android Phone

Backup and Restore Contacts:- Our contacts are the most essential part of our life which we cannot afford to lose but in some cases most of contact list is lost due to virus, phone format or contact get deleted accidentally. Once the contact is deleted from your smartphone it is almost impossible to recover them so take a back-up of the contacts is top priority for every smartphone users. So today i am going to share with you how i take a backup or restore my phone contact using android app and also tell you why it is important.


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Why We Backup Using Android App

  • It is easy to restore (just in few seconds).
  • Backup File does not affect with smartphone virus.
  • Backup files can be used in more than phone so it is easy to restore your contact if you purchase other phone.

How To Take Backup of Contacts Using Inbuilt Feature

Below are the steps to take and restore contacts on your smartphone:-

  1. Go to your Contacts and Click on Three Dotted Line (in some smartphone there is MORE link given) which is given at top right section.
  2. Once you click on Dotted Line a drop down menu will be available and then tap on menu IMPORT/EXPORT.
  3. On Import Export Menu Tap on EXPORT TO SIM CARD.
  4. Once you tap on Export To Sim Card it will ask you for the confirmation for moved contacts on SIM tap on OK to transfer your contact to SIM Card. It will take sometime to transfer all contact to SIM card once its complete a file with .VCF extension is saved on Backup Folder in which all your contact is saved.

How To Take Backup of Contacts Using App

Below are the steps to take and restore contacts using app on your smartphone:-

  1. Go to Play Store and Download App Name Contact Backup by TopOfStack Software.
  2. Once installed open the app and click on Cloud Like BACKUP icon.
  3. Now choose the location where you want to save contacts on SD Card, Dropbox or want to Email.
  4. Select format VCF and click on button BACKUP and your contacts will started to backup.

How To Restore Contacts Using Inbuilt Feature

  1. Go to contacts and then tap on Three Dot Lines and then tap on IMPORT/EXPORT.
  2. Now tap on IMPORT menu and select the source where you want to Import files whether its SIM or Storage.
  3. Once the storage is select tap on OK button to confirm and your contact will be restored.

How To Restore Contacts Using App

  1. Open Contact Backup App and then tap on Import Icon.
  2. Now choose destination to import file whether its on Dropbox or SD Card and confirm the import procedure.
  3. If you save your contacts on email then open that email click on VCF file and it will ask you open file with message box then tap on OPEN with CONTACT BACKUP App and the process of importing will be started.

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