How To Sign Up For A New Yahoo Account

Sign Up For A New Yahoo Account – The first main and foremost thing every users who were accessing the internet for the first time will do is to create a new email account whether it should be on yahoo, gmail, rediffmail or other because email id is just like your home address on internet where company or other persons will communicate with you through messages. Email address is required to create any account online, purchase item from eCommerce stores, join forums or social media sites and every person who are using internet will first access their email address. If you do not make internet account untill know i will guide you step by step methods how to create your first yahoo mail account:-

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Sign Up For A New Yahoo Account

Below are the steps to create a new yahoo account:-

Step #1

Go to Yahoo Homepage and click on Button Mail Mentioned on the right top side of the page.


Step #2

On Mail Page you will see a sign up button which is given at top right side of the page.


Step #3

On Sign Up Page fill out the information on forms like First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Password and Date Of Birth and click on Button Continue.


Step #4

In this step you have to verify your phone number. Yahoo will send a text message to your phone number in which they mentioned account key. Open your message read the key and fill it out on the verify phone number form.


Step #5

Once you verify your phone number your account will be generated and yahoo will redirect to your account dashboard with in six seconds.


Can I Create Multiple Account?

There is no limit on creating account which means you can create multiple account but i recommended you make not more than two account on yahoo because managing more than two account will be difficult in future.

What is the minimum age to Create Yahoo Account?

The minimum age to create yahoo account is 13 year. You can create account of the children who are under 13 years but their account will be limited and they can’t access full features of the yahoo mail till 13.

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