How To Share or Transfer Apps on Other Android Phone [Using WIFI]

How To Share or Transfer Apps on Android:- Sharing is caring the dialogue is best fit among friends when it comes to smartphone data and app sharing. In passing times there are lot of services introduced to share files for eg the cloud storage space, bluetooth and USB data transfer but how do we share or transfer the app that is already installed on our smartphone is the biggest challenge among many smartphone users over the decade. Recently i have purchased a new android smartphone and i know how time consuming is to install my entire favourite app from internet. But now i discovered a way to transfer the installed apps to my friend’s phones or to any other android phone in an instant thanks to my smartphone WIFI and app named Share-it. You can transfer the app using bluetooth method but after checking the speed of bluetooth transfer i personally not recommended this method because sharing app through bluetooth is time consuming instead of WIFI. You can transfer 1 GB of data through WIFI with-in couple of minutes so i transfer all of my apps through share-it app in less than 5 minutes. So let’s take a look at the method on how to share or transfer files on another android smartphone.


How To Share or Transfer Apps on Android

In order to transfer apps between two smartphone both of the smartphone must installed share-it app. Below are the step by step methods on how to transfer app on other android smartphone:-

  1. Open play store app and install share-it app.
  2. Now open app and you will redirected to dashboard where you see send and receive button.
  3. On bottom of the dashboard you will see CLONE IT button click on it.
  4. Once you click on Clone-IT button you will redirected to a new section with three tabs above choose tab APPS.
  5. Now Tick mark the app you want to transfer and then click on NEXT button.
  6. Once you click on NEXT button share-it app started to scan the WIFI device near the area. Now select the WIFI device which you want to share files.
  7. Upon accepting by other android device sharing will be started.

In any case you cannot install the share-it app you can send the file bluetooth. In order to transfer apps using Bluetooth first scan for wifi device when it does not find any device a button will appear in bottom with name “Send Share-it To Them” click on the button turn on your bluetooth device and app will be started to share.

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