How To Share Folder or Files on Google Drive – Solved

How To Share Files on Google Drive:- Sharing a files or folder is becoming convenient by passing times. Starting from floppy disk now we are using cloud based online sharing method which is by far the easiest and handy method for sharing files from one computer or smartphone to another. Now most of the companies are using cloud based software to assign task to their employees rather than sending email. So cloud based technology are not just used for file sharing but it is also used for day to day task and it is becoming more reliable that E-mail. According to student perspective many college student used cloud based service to share the files to their friend who are living far from them because cloud based services offer more data storage rather than email and it is also helpful to transfer files from computer to android smartphone. There are two main and most used cloud based storage services which are Dropbox and Google Drive.


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How To Share Files on Google Drive

Follow the below methods given below to upload or download files from Google Drive:-

  1. Go to the following url “” and sign-in to your account.
  2. Once you sign-in to your account then click on NEW button which is given at top left section.
  3. Once you click on NEW button a list of option will appear choose UPLOAD FILES or UPLOAD FOLDER which ever you required.
  4. Now choose file or folder from computer and then click on OPEN files or folder will be started to upload on Google Servers.
  5. Once the upload is complete you will see file or folder icon on your Dashboard.
  6. Now click one time to Select File or double click to open the file in preview mode.

How to Share Files with Friends using Email Address

  1. Once the file is upload to Google Servers click one time to select the file.
  2. Now click on PLUS PERSON icon given at top right section.
  3. Once you click on icon a pop-up window appear with title SHARE WITH OTHERS on that pop-up window enter the email addresses text filed to which you want to send file.
  4. Once the email addresses entered write the note related to file in TEXTBOX and click on SEND Button.

How to Share Files with Friends using Link

  1. Click one time to select the file and then click on LINK ICON given at top right section right before PLUS PERSON icon.
  2. Once you click on that icon a drop down menu will appear copy the entire link name
  3. Once copy share link with your friend so they can view or download the file.


How To Share Files on Google Drive Using Android Smartphone

To upload files through your smartphone follow the below mentioned steps:-


  1. Go play store and install the Google Drive App.
  2. Once the app is installed open it and click on + Button which is given at bottom right of your smartphone screen.
  3. Once click on + ICON a new section will appear click on UPLOAD button.
  4. Now browse through the file you want to upload and click on OPEN and the file will start to upload to Google Servers.
  5. Once the file is upload click one time on file to select and then click on THREE DOT line which is given at bottom right section.
  6. Once clicking on + icon a list of option will appear find and click on option SEND FILE or SHARE LINK to send the file to friend or family member.

PS:- There is only 15 GB of free space is available for the users but user may extended the space by paying for the extra space.

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