How To Recover Your Forgotten Yahoo Password

Forgot Yahoo Password:- Remember those days when there are so less sites that require password to log-in to your account. It was simple than isn’t it because there are so less site you can easily remember the password of that account but as per the years passing every website is using log-in and password for their website to maintain the record of their online users in database. On many private website we use the same password but on confidential website like paypal or mail site like gmail and yahoo we make password strong which is impossible to penetrate and this will cause the problem to remember password. This problem can be easily be resolved if you are using website like “LETSPASS” to store your password and on one click you can log-in to account but what happen if you not make record or don’t know password for your yahoo mail. Well today i am going to show you the step by step method to recover your yahoo account.


How To Recover Forgotten Yahoo Password

To recover your yahoo account follow the steps below:-

  1. Go to Yahoo Account Recovery Page.
  2. Once you go through the link mentioned above you will be redirected to Account Recovery Page here enter your email address or phone number and click on CONTINUE Button.
  3. On Next Page choose from two methods you like to access your account whether it should be Phone or By Alternative E-mail Address.
  4. If you choose phone method then yahoo will send a message to you registered phone number in which you find a key. Enter the key on the text field on computer and your account will be recovered. Click on Continue to go to your mail or click on Create New Password button to change password.
  5. If you choose mail method then yahoo will send a mail to your alternative address open the mail to copy the key code and fill it on the recovery account page to access your mail.

But what will happen if you dont know about alternate mail address and you cannot enter or change your mobile phone number. If you don’t remember your alternate mail or not enter phone then you can go to Help Page -> Contact Us -> Contact Yahoo Specialist to talk with the representative that you forgot yahoo password. They will assist you to getting your account recovered.

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