How To Recover or Retrieve Deleted Photos on Android Device

Recover Deleted Photos on Android :- Many users deleted images or files from their smartphone storage or SD card everyday just to free up some space but accidentally delete the important photos which they want along with the junk files or folder. Feel bad isn’t it but worry not because there are ways to recover or retrieve your files to your smartphone whether your smartphone is samsung, sony, micromax or any it just has to be android system installed on it. So let’s take a look at how to Recover or Retrieve Deleted Photos from android device.


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Things to Considered First

This method only works if your smartphone is not format or image file saved on phone memory. For eg if your image file is saved on phone memory and you format your phone because of virus activity or your phone is locked by pattern or any locking app then you cannot recover that image.

Recover Deleted Photos from Android

Below are the software’s you need to recover files from android devices.

App #1 DigDeep Image Recovery

  1. Install the app from playstore.
  2. Once the app is installed open it and it will start searching the image which might get restored.
  3. Once the search complete open the folder select the picture and click on restore button.

App #2 Photo Recovery by Tasty Blueberry

There is another app which you can use to recover image files:-

  1. Install the app from playstore and open it.
  2. Now two algorithm for image recovery has been given click on recovery and press START.
  3. Now it will scan the entire system for recovery files make sure you tick SD Card option if you want to recover files from SD Card.
  4. Once recover click on the files you want to restore.

Backup using Google Photo

Phew the image files are recovered whats next the next step for you is to take backup of your smartphone images using google photo app but this will only work if you installed the app. So what basically is google photo?. Google photo is a image gallery app that helps its users to store images or videos on their server so users does not take tension about storing space.

To take backup using google photo below are the steps required

  1. Open the app click on three straight lines a drop down menu will appear.
  2. On that drop down menu click on settings.
  3. On settings page click on back-up and sync and then click on turn it on to activate back-up option.

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