How To Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Account

Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Account:- Like email, cloud storage are the integral part of internet communication. From video uploading to email attachment every is possible with the help of cloud storage service. Currently there are so many company that are offering cloud storage space some of the popular cloud storage service provider are iCloud, SkyDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. Many users have make multiple cloud storage account in order to avail different offers and service provided by the company which ends up in trouble to perform action on your cloud storage file due to the scattered data. But there is a online service named Multicloud which connect all of your cloud storage account into one place in order to upload or download file. Multicloud service is free to use and you dont have to install any software or extension to avail the service. Just go to multicloud website create a account and link you account storage account to access your files. To Know the process in detail on how to link to your account with multicloud follow the below mentioned steps:-


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Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Account

Just go to multicloud website and sign in for a new account and follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. After sign in to your account you will be redirected to cloud storage dashboard.
  2. On cloud storage dashboard click on ADD CLOUD DRIVES given at left menu section.
  3. Once you click on add cloud drive a list of cloud service provider company might be appeared on the right hand side. Tick on service you want to add and click on NEXT button.
  4. Now enter the display name you want to be appeared when your account is linked then click on ADD ACCOUNT button.
  5. Once you click on ADD Account button it will redirect you to sign-in page of the cloud storage service you choose. Now enter your login credentials to give permission to access your account files. Follow the process again to add multiple account.

Note:- Multicloud service also provided a feature named experience without login which is appeared right below the log-in page. As the name suggest you can use the service without registering with the website but when your session is expired you cannot access the history. A session might be expired with-in 2 hour of idle time.

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