How To Lock Dialer, Messages and Apps on Any Android Smartphone

How To Lock Dialer, Messages and Apps:- Is someone messing with your phone while you are away from it? Did your smartphone have personal messages on phone which you do not want other will see? Well there could be many reasons like that which concludes you to this search terms that you should lock apps or messages but there is only one solution to the problem that is lock based app which you can install from play store. Lock based app simply put lock on any app which is installed on your smartphone and what added a great feature in that app is the lock can also apply on inbuilt apps such as messages or your phone dialler. There are many lock based app on google play store to download that may lock any app but i personally recommend is AppLock by DoMobile Lab. The app offers feature like pattern based lock, number base lock and on Android 7.0 Nougat operating system it also support fingerprint lock and unlock feature. Let’s take a look on how to install and use the app on your smartphone:-


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How To Lock Dialer, Messages and Apps

Follow the below mentioned steps to install and use the app on your smartphone:-

  1. Go to play store and install APPLOCK app.
  2. Go to main menu and open the applock app by click on icon.
  3. Once the app is open it will take you to pass-code section here you need to enter the password that will later let you access any app you put lock.
  4. Once you enter the pass-code it will take you to page where you see every app installed including messages and phone dialer.
  5. On right side of the app icon you will see a lock sign click on the lock sign to lock or unlock any app.
  6. Once you put lock in any app close the APPLOCK and try to open the app you put lock into.
  7. Once you click on the app you put lock using applock it will ask you for password to unlock congrats your lock is activated.

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