How To Increase Android Internet Speed [2G, 3G or even 4G]

Increase Android Internet Speed:- Increasing internet speed is always a hot topic on internet and many users follows many tweaks and tricks to obtain good speed but in reality whatever trick they use it does not work because the internet speed is depend on the plan they purchase from the telecom company. They can slightly increase their internet speed by following the tweaks or tricks but if you really want to double or triple fold your speed you need to upgrade your plan to 3g or 4g. If you are already upgrade your android internet plan and did not get the speed or want to increase some more speed for your 2G Internet pack we will show you step by step method on how you can increase your internet speed. So let’s take a look at the methods to increase your internet speed.


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How To Increase Android Internet Speed

Follow the below mentioned steps to increase your internet speed:-

Step 1:- Choose 3G Network

Your Android smartphone comes with the default settings of 2G you will need to toggle the settings to 3G to increase your internet speed because 3G speed is far more superior than 2G and there might be a possibility that you might get connected to 2.5G Edge connection which may increase your 2G internet speed 3 Folds. In order to toggle between 2G to 3G network go to SETTINGS -> WIRELESS & NETWORK -> MOBILE NETWORK ->choose PREFERRED NETWORK TYPE to 3G.

Step 2:- Disable Auto Updates

Your android smartphone automatically updates your installed apps from play store. This might cut your internet speed to half or more. Disabling auto update feature is not recommended but in case you want to access your plan full speed you can disable automatic updates by following the below mentioned steps:-

  1. Go to Play Store and Click on Three Straight Line given at top left side.
  2. Once you tap on three straight lines a menu will appear then click on SETTINGS.
  3. On Settings page tap on AUTO UPDATE APP.
  4. Once you tap on Auto Update App three options will appear choose Do-Not Auto Update Apps.

Step 3:- Using Apps To Increase Internet Speed

There are a lot of apps on the play store that promise to increase your smartphone internet speed. The real internet speed is based on the plan you purchase but through the app you can optimize the settings which helps to slightly increase your internet speed. The commands include in the app are clearing cache, browser settings, TCP/IP Optimization and Flushing DNS. To name a few you can use app like Internet Booster & Optimizer, Faster Internet 2X and Internet Speed Booster 3G/4G.

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