How to Hard Reset an Apple Iphone (Worked on Every Apple Device)

Hard Reset Apple Iphone:- If your apple smartphone became unresponsive, locked or got attacked by virus then you need to perform hard reset on your apple device. Hard Reset is one the biggest nightmare of every smartphone users because it will wipe out the entire data of your smartphone including contacts and app data which includes your game saves and social media messages history. It is advised to every apple phone users to take a backup of your data before performing a hard reset. So lets take a look on two most used apple iphone hard reset methods.


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How to Hard Reset an Iphone

If you can use your smartphone this is the perfect method to perform hard reset on your smartphone. I am highly recommend you use this first method to hard reset your smartphone if possible. Before Performing Hard Reset follow the method to take a backup of your smartphone.

Method #1 Performing a Hard Reset Through Phone

Taking a Backup of Your Smartphone

  1. Open your iphone SETTINGS and then log-in to your apple account.
  2. Once you login to your apple account then tap on button iCLOUD.
  3. Now scroll down and turn on iCLOUD Backup.
  4. Once you icloud backup is turned on then scroll down and tap on link BACKUP NOW. Once you click on link backup now it the process of taking backup will be initiated wait till the process is completed.

Backup is now completed lets perform a hard reset

  1. Go to your iphone SETTINGS.
  2. On Settings tap on GENERAL tab.
  3. Scroll down to bottom of General section and then click on Reset button.
  4. On Reset Section tap on link ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS.
  5. Once you tap on ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS a message box will pop up regarding these will be delete your data tap on ERASE IPHONE button to hard reset your phone.
  6. It will take upto 15 minutes to reset your smartphone and once your apple device is reset it will restart automatically.

Method #2 Performing a Hard Reset Through iTunes

If your smartphone is attacked by virus and it is unresponsive at the startup then this method will work for you.

  1. First connect your smartphone to your laptop or PC through USB cable.
  2. Once your smartphone is connected launch iTunes.
  3. Wait till your phone is detected then click on Iphone Button.
  4. Now click on SUMMARY tab you will be able to see your smartphone version related information.
  5. Before erasing everything click on BACKUP NOW button to take backup of your smartphone data which is given under backup section.
  6. Once your backup is completed click on button RESTORE IPHONE.
  7. Once you click on Restore Iphone button a confirmation box will appear asking for your permission to erase everything on your smartphone click on confirm button and the process of hard resetting your smartphone will be initiated.
  8. Wait till the process is completed. Once the process is completed your phone will reboot again.

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