How To Find MAC Address on Any Android Smartphone

How to Find MAC Address on Android:- Every Wifi devices whether its router, laptop or smartphone comes with a unique MAC address through which the internet packets has been passed or discarded. The MAC Address is found on the back side of the hardware in a slip when the device comes out of the box. With MAC Address it is easy to locate or identify your computer and many national security agencies use this method to spy on computers. Every MAC Address contains 12 digits and number consists of characters A-F and Numbers 0-9. If you are using any WIFI router the MAC address of any WIFI device can be located by going to your router settings but if you are using android cellphone then i will guide you step by step methods on how to find your android device MAC ADDRESS.


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How to Find MAC Address on Any Android Device

Follow the below mentioned steps to locate the address:-

  1. Open you smartphone device and go to SETTINGS.
  2. On Settings page scroll down to bottom and tap on ABOUT PHONE.
  3. ON About Phone section locate and click on link STATUS.
  4. On Status Page scroll little bit down and you will seen section WIFI MAC ADDRESS.

I try your method but i could not find my MAC ADDRESS.

Well in some android smartphone you cannot access the MAC Address by using this method well dont worry because i will tell you one more method to get your Address.

  1. Go To Settings and then click on WIFI.
  2. On Wifi page click on THREE DOTTED lines which is given at top right side then a drop down section will be appeared.
  3. On that drop down menu tap on ADVANCED link.
  4. Now scroll little bit down to ADVANCED page and you might see your MAC ADDRESS.

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