How to Find Forgotten WiFi Password in Windows

Find Forgotten WiFi Password:- Passwords are set one time on users account whether it is online website based or offline windows or software based. Once the password is saved by the software the next time it will auto-complete the field to save the user’s time and daily hectic of work sometime leads to users forgotten their passwords. The auto-complete feature of password runs smoothly till the auto save files are being corrupted by virus or your windows will be formatted. Once it’s get to the point you face difficulty in recovering those password especially if it is windows based because there is no recovery option for that unlike the website you need to redo the settings to change your windows or wifi password. So what will you do to recover your password? Well don’t worry because today i am going to explain step by step method on how to recover your lost WiFi Password.

How to Find Forgotten WiFi Password

Your wifi password can be recovered by following the below mentioned case. The below mentioned cases are depends on the situation in which you had forgotten your wifi password:-

Case #1 If you never change your wifi password

If you never change your wifi password till know you will get the default id password of your wifi at the bottom of the router in a slip. In case you want to change your wifi password access the router by following the typing the web address in your browser it may be different in your router you need to check on the slip. Go to network and change your username or password.

Case #2 Information change by service provider

If your internet is not working after changing the details mentioned above ask your internet service provider if they change your password to connect back-end server and change it accordingly in your router settings.

Case #3 Find your password in Settings

In case if you just want to know only your wifi password you can know it by going to settings. Follow the below mentioned steps:-

  1. On bottom right side of the page right click on NETWORK icon.
  2. Now two option window will appear click on OPEN NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER.
  3. On left hand side click on link CHANGE ADAPTER SETTINGS.
  4. Now right click on Connected WIFI and then click on STATUS.
  5. On Status Section click on button WIRELESS PROPERTIES.
  6. Now choose SECURITY TAB.
  7. On security section tick on checkbox SHOW CHARACTERS then you wifi password will be appeared on NETWORK SECURITY KEY.

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