How To Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Android

Enable Developer Options:- Hello fellows do you want to know how to enable developer options on your android device? Well in this guide i am going to explain how you can access developer option and USB debugging on your android 4.2 or upper device. Hmmm what if my device has android v4.1 operating system? Well if your android smartphone version is lower than 4.2 you can easily access the developer option you just need to go to SETTINGS -> Developer Option –> USB Debugging but on later version the feature was hide by the company so user cannot change the default setting of smartphone easily but the company has left a way to access the option so only a knowledgeable person can access or change the settings. To enable developer option on your smartphone follow the below mentioned steps but first we need to understand what troubles and feature can add developer option.

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What is Developer Options and What Wonders it Can Do?

Developer options has the power to change your entire operating system with the help of unapproved or customized app. Developer option is mainly access by users who want to use USB debugging on their device which helps to install unauthorized app which can root your smartphone. With the rooted smartphone you can customize the app performance, change clock speed, remove unwanted bloatwares and more.

As many cool feature can be added there are some trouble you can get with developer option for example unauthorized app can have spyware or virus inside them once installed you need to install firmware again and it might consume alot of your time. Changing the default settings of your operating system can hang, restart or overheat your smartphone so use the option carefully and hide the option once your work is done.

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How To Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on any Android Device

I have already mentioned how you can access android developer options if your smartphone operating system is lower than 4.2 for later android OS version the steps are given below:-

  1. Open your smartphone menu and go to Settings Page.
  2. Scroll down to bottom of settings page and then tap on About Phone.
  3. On About Phone page move down to build number and tap on it 5 to 10 times simultaneously.
  4. Once you tap on the option 5 to 10 times a pop-up option will be displayed on which it is written YOU HAVE ENABLE DEVELOPMENT SETTINGS.
  5. Now go back to settings page the developer options will be displayed above ABOUT PHONE.
  6. Now go to developer settings option and tap on USB DEBUGGING or ANDROID DEBUGGING.
  7. Once you choose the option a pop-up message will be appeared asking for your confirmation to activate android USB debugging click on YES to activate.

Now we know how to enable USB debugging but there is no information or function given on your device to hide it. Well if you want to hide developer option after your work is done follow the steps given below:-

How To Hide Developer Option

    1. Go to settings and then click on APPLICATION MANAGER.
    2. Click on tab all application.
    3. Scroll down and click on SETTING app.
    4. On Settings page click on button CLEAR DATA and reboot your phone.

Your developer option will be hidden by this process if in some case the function will not hide then you will have last option to factory reset your smartphone.

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