How To Download Video From Facebook To Computer

How to Download Video From Facebook:- Facebook is one of the largest social media website in world and recently the company has launched a new featured named Facebook Live in which users can stream their live video with other users. Video from facebook can be viewed in pop-up window and from the timeline of the person or page video. Because you cannot access the url of the facebook video it is little difficult to download the video from the website if you are new to this section. Well if you are struggling to download video from internet and could not find the possible guide then today i will show you step by step method on how to download video from facebook.


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How To Download Video From Facebook

Follow the below mentioned method which is divided into two section to download a video from facebook to computer:-

Section #1 Saving a Video

  1. Go to facebook website and sign-in to your account.
  2. Once you sign-in toy your account locate the video you want to download and play it.
  3. If you are playing a timeline video then click on the video a pop-up window will be appear on top right side of the video click on …. sign a drop down links will be appeared then click on SAVE VIDEO.
  4. If you are playing a friend video then on the right hand side click ARROW DOWN link and then click on SAVE VIDEO.
  5. Now your video is save in SAVED section which you can access anytime from left menu section. Now your video is saved we will moved to next on which we can download that video.

Section #1 Download a Saved Video

  1. Access your save video on SAVED SECTION.
  2. Now click on the video link then it will take you too video page.
  3. Copy the url of the video page and open the following website “”.
  4. Paste the url in the text field of “To download a video just insert a link!”.
  5. Once you paste the url in the section then it will start to process the page video and then a link to the video will be appeared on the video.
  6. Choose the resolution of the video and click on DOWNLOAD button.

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