How To Create a Group Page on Facebook – Solved

Creating Group Page on Facebook:- Facebook group is one of the best way to talk to strangers with same interest or make new friends on Facebook. It is also personalize and secure way to contact and send messages to your close friends and family members on facebook. Despite of messages you can also update posts, send messages in bulk to all group members and post video, images and status. There are many facebook group admin that let you join their personal group based on your interest. Once you join the group you can send messages to any members or invite them to join your own or other group. You can also create your facebook group by following the below mentioned steps:-


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How To Create a Group Page on Facebook

Facebook users can create more than one group with their facebook. To create facebook group follow the step by step methods.

  1. Login to your facebook account and click on GROUPS which given on the left side menu section right below EXPLORE Section.
  2. On Groups Page Click on button CREATE NEW GROUP given at top right side.
  3. Once you click on Create Group Page a window has been pop-up now type your GROUP NAME.
  4. On Add Some People type name or email address of your friend to add it in the group list.
  5. On Select Privacy choose Closed Group if you want the group to find but nobody can see post or choose secret if you want nobody can find this group on facebook.
  6. Once you choose privacy settings click on button CREATE.
  7. Now you will be taken to ICON page here choose icon that fit best for your Group and click on button OK to create your group.
  8. Now your group has been created add description, tags and image on your group wall to be easily identify.

Note:- To change your group setting just click on THREE DOTTED LINE given at top right -> EDIT GROUP SETTINGS. Here you can change almost every setting related to your group.

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