How To Copy Content From Copy Protected Website

Copy Content From Copy Protected Website:-  There are lot of website on the internet that let you copy the content from there website but there are some information website that don’t let you copy their content for future reference so you will have to visit the website again and some webmasters will also do this to prevent copy of their hard worked content from being stolen by other webmasters. This can been annoying to every users because they have to manually enter data after seen the content from the website which end up wasting hours of unnecessary work.

In case you are using password managing software to enter your login credentials to the website then the software will not work on the copy protected website which means you have to manually enter your login credentials to access to your account. Well to overcome that situation today i am going to share with you my secret to copy the content from copy protected website which i am using for almost a year.


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How To Copy Content From Copy Protected Website

Follow the below mentioned step by step procedure to copy content from the protected website:-

  1. Open you firfox browser if you dont have firefox then install the latest version.
  2. Once you installed the firefox software open it and on web address typing bar type “about:config” and then press enter.
  3. On search bar enter the term “Dom.event.clipboard events.enable” and press enter.
  4. On Right to PREFERENCE NAME you will see option VALUE double click on the value and choose true.
  5. Once you choose true option you can easily copy the content from that website.

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