How To Clear iPhone Cache and App Data

Clear iPhone Cache:- Cache are temporary files that stored in a hidden folder of your phone memory to easily access the file you already viewed or used. There are two types of cache that are stored on your phone first is online cache and second offline cache. Online cache consists of web pages you visit through your Smartphone. Whenever you visit a website from your Smartphone device your phone will stored the web page in a hidden folder to save your internet bandwidth to download the page again when you visit the same website. Offline cache are related to app you stored in your Smartphone and the process your app performed in daily basis. For e.g. when you played a game on your Smartphone it’s the frame of every game are store in cache folder so it can be easily be deleted after you quit your game such process are known as offline cache. So let’s discuss about why we need or remove the cache file in details.


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Why We Need To Delete Cache Files

Cache files help to perform the task quick be reducing its load time and it also help to reduce bandwidth data so why we need to delete these files? The answer is depending on the frequency of time you spend on the app or on the storage space of your phone. If you’re Smartphone inbuilt memory is more than 4GB that it is unnecessary to clear cache but if your phone storage capacity is low then you might delete the temporary files first because these files lower your storage space as well as reduce your system performance. There is also a possibility that if you stored cache file for long time it might get corrupted and stopped the app to work properly.

How To Clear iPhone Cache

Follow the below mentioned methods to clear cache from your iphone:-

Clear Cache Files Through Safari Browser

Open your safari browser and go to SETTINGS -> SAFARI -> CLEAR HISTORY AND DATA. This process is only clear your online data like browsing history and browsing cache files.

Clear Cache Data Through App

Instead of searching and deleting files one by one we can clear the cache just by one click of button thanks to the app named Magic Phone Cleaner from itunes.

  1. Install and open the app Magic Phone Cleaner.
  2. Locate and click on Clear Cache option to Delete Cache Files.

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