How To Block Calls on Any Android Smartphone

How To Block Calls on Android:- Are you annoyed by persistent person who call you everyday? Or do you want to avoid the person for sometime or permanently well the call blocking service helps you to block the person from calling you. Currently there are three ways to activate the service on your smartphone which are the service offered by telecom operator, your cellphone inbuilt service and android apps from play store. If you choose the call blocking service provided by your telecom company it may charge you with fees but many app on playstore offer the call blocking service at free of cost. On other hand some smartphone offer inbuilt feature to facilitate the service on your cell phone. Today i am going to discuss how you can use the call blocking service on your cell-phone by the two best possible ways.


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How To Block Calls on Android – Inbuilt Feature

In some smartphone call block feature is already installed on their smartphone. They can directly access the feature by going to smartphone SETTINGS -> CALLS-> CALL REJECT. Now choose the number you want to select from your contact or enter the mobile phone number to block the call.

How To Block Calls on Android – Through App

If the call reject option is not given on your smartphone well don’t worry we can activate the feature by installing app from play store. Just follow the below instruction step by step to activate the feature.

  1. Go to play store and install the app name Calls Blacklist by Vlad Lee.
  2. Once the app installed open the app and click on + Sign which is given at bottom right side of the page.
  3. Once you click on the button a ADD pop-up menu list will appear choose from contacts if you want to block calls from contact list or click on input number.
  4. Once the contact number is selected a TICK mark option will appear in bottom of the page click on it to activate the call blocking feature
  5. Once you click on the TICK mark button the contact will be displayed on Dashboard of Call Blackslist app and the blocking feature will be activated.

Why Call Blacklist

  • It is easy to use
  • Light weight in size
  • The app does not consume a lot of processing power

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