How To Block a Website on Every Browser

How to Block a Website:- Do you want to a block a website on every browser?. Well there are lot of software on the internet that might do the trick for you but most of the software i use to block the website is either paid or some software show ads on the computer which will get you irritated in short time. We are also not a network engineer so we can block the website just by adding the code on system or DNS files so what are the best way to block website. Well there is a free way to block any website on the internet just by adding some line on a text file which i will mentioned in the page below. Once you add that line on the file save it than the website will not open in every browser which include (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) etc. This is a hassle free method in which you don’t have to install any third party software, don’t have to learn complicated software and easy to access or restrict website just by copying lines.


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How To Block a Website on Every Browser

Follow the below mentioned steps to block single or multiple website on every browser:-

  1. Go to desktop and click on MY COMPUTER.
  2. On My Computer Copy and Paste the address “C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc” on the address bar.
  3. block-a-website-address
  4. If for some reason you cannot copy the address go to the series of steps open MY COMPUTER — C: –> WINDOWS –> SYSTEM32 –> Drivers –> ETC.
  5. On ETC folder right click on file HOSTS and then click on OPEN WITH.
  6. Once you click on open with option you will get multiple programs to open the HOSTS file choose NOTEPAD and open the host files.
  7. Now scroll down to bottom of the HOSTS file and add a line at the bottom of the page which is
  8. Once you add the line save it and try to open the website you typed and saved on the hosts file. If you try to open the website you will get error message THIS SITE CAN’T BE REACHED. You can add that line multiple times to block multiple website.

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