How To Add, Update or Change Yahoo Profile Picture

Change Yahoo Mail Profile Picture:- Profile picture can be seen at the top right side of the mail. If you upload a picture you will the see the picture in round shape if you not upload profile picture you will see a default shape man icon. The profile picture on yahoo are not just for show it has meaning too for eg if someone search your email id on yahoo he can see your photo and identify you. In yahoo forums and Question Answer sites whenever you posted a answer or question your image will be available in avatar. Untill 2015 yahoo has provided a function where users can update or change their picture easily but after the function has been shut down in 2015 many users got confused on how can they change your profile picture. Well don’t worry today i am going to provide you step by step detail on how to change your profile picture on yahoo:-


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Add, Update or Change Yahoo Profile Picture

Below are the methods to add or change your profile picture from yahoo:-

Step# 1

Go to the website “” and sign-in to your mail account.


Step# 2

Once you sign in to your account you will be redirected to yahoo mail page. On mail page mouse over to your name which is given at top right side of the page. Once you mouse over your cursor icon to your name a drop down menu will appear then click on link Account Info.


Step# 3

On Account Info page click on Personal Info and then click on Profile Picture Icon To Upload Picture.


Step# 4

Once the picture is uploaded to the computer you can crop the picture by adjusting the zoom tool to fit the picture in round shape then click on button Crop and Save to change your profile picture.


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