How To Add or Edit Signature in Yahoo Mail

How To Add Signature in Yahoo Mail:- Almost every professional companies sending their email to client or employees added a signature text and link at the bottom of the mail. In the email signature every important detail related to the company mentioned like company name, email address, phone number and their customer care representative detail. The email signature is been defined on mail for only purpose which is the person who is sending the mail does not have to type the name and company credential on every mail it appear automatically whenever the user compose a new mail. Not just company users but every person who has account on yahoo mail can use this feature. Let’s take a look in the steps how you can add your signature in mail.

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How To Add Signature in Yahoo Mail

Follow the below mentioned steps to create a signature in yahoo mail:-


Go to and sign-in to your mail account.


Once you log-in to your mail section click on GEAR LIKE ICON which is given the at the top right corner and then click on SETTINGS.




Once you click setting button then a pop-up window will appear. On left side you will see links click on writing email link.



On bottom right side of the write mail page click on To Edit Your Signature Click on Accounts.


Now tick on box name Append a signature to the emails you send. Once you tick on the box a bottom text box is visible where you an type your email signature and click on SAVE button.


How To Edit Signature in Yahoo Mail

To Edit a signature in yahoo mail follow the below mentioned steps

  1. Follow the first four steps mentioned above in add signature.
  2. On Signature box you will see detail type there change the detail as you like.
  3. Once updated the text click on A button to choose color.
  4. By click on chain like icon you add links.
  5. By clicking on Tt icon you can change font Size and Font Type.
  6. To highlight any text click on A box icon and once its done click on SAVE button.

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