How To Activate or Deactivate Gmail Desktop Notifications

Gmail Desktop Notifications:- In this speedy generation we have habit of doing every work at pace whether it is office related or it is home related. The work or daily activity is to much in our daily life that we dont have time to check out things again and again same happens with the email we send and receive daily. We once check and forgot to check again because of the busy work and activity. So to overcome that situation google has developed a inbuilt feature in their gmail email service named notification in which user will receive a tab based notification on its desktop that you have receive a message so without any delay users will stop the work for a time being and check out the mail he received. To activate or deactivate Gmail Desktop Notifications follow the instruction given below:-


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Activate Gmail Desktop Notifications

When you receive a message on gmail a tab like icon will appear on bottom right side of the desktop to indicate you that you have to read message. Follow the below steps to activate notification:-

  1. Sign in to your gmail account.
  2. Now click on GEAR LIKE icon on top right side and on drop down menu click on SETTINGS.
  3. On General Tab Scroll Down to Section Desktop Notifications.
  4. Now activate the notification by clicking on tab NEW MAIL NOTIFICATIONS ON and then click on button SAVE CHANGES.

Deactivate Gmail Desktop Notifications

If gmail desktop notification is enable on your computer automatically or by mistake you can also deactivate it by following the steps given below:-

  1. Follow the first two steps given in activate gmail notifications.
  2. Now Scroll down to section Desktop Notifications and select the tab Mail Notifications Off.
  3. Once you select the mail notifications off the click on button SAVE CHANGES given at bottom of the page and your notification will be deactivated.

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