How To Activate and Deactivate LED Flash Notifications

Activate and Deactivate LED Flash Notifications:- Does your smartphone rings a lot during your working hours and annoyed other persons around you? Do you want to turn on flash notification instead or ringing or vibrating. Do you want to disable or turn off flash notification well don’t worry because today i am going to explain step by step method on how to activate or deactivate your android smartphone notification in almost every smartphone brand.


What’s The Problem?

Well the problem mainly occurred while you are working in office, attending meeting or talk with other person but the persistent friend calls or send messages to you a lot. I know this situation happened with me alot during my office hour but i don’t want to switch off my phone because there could be a emergency call from my client or family members first i turn my phone to vibrate but i did not help because i receive tons of message from friends and phone vibrate per minute that annoyed other person around me and make me feel little uncomfortable you know what i mean.

How To Activate or Deactivate LED Flash Notification

Almost every latest android cell phone has feature of led flash notification and you can access that feature from your smartphone settings. Lets see how it has to be done:-

  1. Go to Settings and click on Accessibility.
  2. On Accessibility section scroll down and Tick the option Flash Notification to enable led flash notification and untick to disable flash notification.

PS:- If you did not found the flash notification option there then i am consider you to install the mention app Flash Alerts 2 by MEGAWAVE Studio.

How To Use Flash Alerts 2 App

If your android smartphone does not support led flash notification feature then you can use the app instead. Below are the steps on how to use this app.

  1. First go to play store and install the app Flash Alerts 2.
  2. Once the installation is done open the app and on top of the app you will see option FLASH ALERT 2 turn it to ON.
  3. On Status turn on Incoming Call and Incoming Text.
  4. You can also choose turn on Vibrate and Ringtone option along with led flash notification the option given right below the status section.

 I have installed the app but notification does not turn on

Well in rare case we discovered that the notification did not turn on whether you are using flash alert app or activate the notification through accessibility. In both case scenario first thing you need to do is switch off your led flash notification and the switch on, reboot your device will fix this problem.

For more information on How To Activate and Deactivate Led Flash Notifications stay updated to this website.

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