How To Accept or Reject all Facebook Friend Request at Once

Accept or Reject Facebook Friend Request:- As a facebook users you might have receive tons of facebook request from other some of them you known and some are random users. A facebook girl user or a celebrity user might deal with this scene everyday where more than 99+ friend request has been shown at the notification bar and it is time consuming and frustrating to accept all those request. So what will you do in situation like that well don’t worry because today i am going to share information on how you can accept or reject all facebook friend request at once within a 2 minutes of time-frame. This method require you to install a javascript extension and chrome browser on your device whether its mobile or laptop. Before following the process make sure that javascript can run on your device.


Recommendation:- Turn Off Facebook Chat

Accepting Facebook Friend Request at Once

To accept all facebook friend request at once follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Open you chrome browser and go through the following url “”.
  2. Now search for extension “TOOLKIT FOR FACEBOOK” and then add it to chrome.
  3. Once the extension is installed open your facebook account and then click on extension which was added at the top right side of the browser.
  4. Once you click on the extension a drop down list of menu option will be appeared on left bottom side of the menu page click on link ACCEPT ALL FRIEND REQUESTS AT ONCE to add all the users as friend on facebook.

Rejecting All Facebook Friend Requests

  1. To reject all facebook friend request just click on extension “TOOLKIT FOR FACEBOOK” and under section FREE REMOVAL TOOL you will see a button “REJECT ALL FRIEND REQUEST AT ONCE”. Once you press it all new friend request will be gone.

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