Free Ways to Hide Your IP Address

Hide Your IP Address:- While connecting to internet connection whether it should be WIFI or other network an IP has been assigned to your computer or smartphone by your network provider which allow you to communicate with computers or servers. Its true that with IP address you can communicate with world but it also track and store your activity on the web too. The information does not contain your personal information such as passwords or bank account information but it store the activity like which website you are visiting, how much time you spent on the website, which website you use often, your location and many more. While you visiting any website the website owner can track its user’s movement on the website and also check your interest and location that’s why on some website you might see this message that “The website is currently not available in your Country”. Now for the main question how do we escape from track down by webmasters, hackers ore net-workers on the internet. Well dont worry because i will guide you 3 freeways browse on internet anonymously by hiding your IP Address.


Ways To Hide Your IP Address

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is free open source software developed by the company Tor Project Inc. After installing the software it will allow it users to choose from two options which are connect and configure. Just click on connect button and it will connect you with volunteer around the world and change your IP address. With this software it is impossible to track your information even by your network provider because the software using encryption method to transfer data but there is only flaw with software which is it will slow down your internet speed.

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are my favourite online tools to hide ip address and browse anonymously. It does not require any software to download and you just have to go to the proxy server website, choose your servers, enter url and browse through any website. This online website also by-pass office or home security that let you browse through any website you want but it is not 100% secure there are chances that your data might get tracked if the net-worker is suspicious about your activity. Some of the proxy servers which i am using are “” and “”.

VPN Servers

These servers are 100% secure method to browse through website online. With this server on your side nobody can track your movement on the internet but this servers cost a little expense which should be around 4 dollars to 9 dollars month. You can try VPN servers for free from the website named “” for 5 days.

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