Free Software To Check Internet Usage Monitor and Statistics

Internet Usage Monitor:- Does you internet service provider offers you limited internet access? Does you want to know how much data has your internet has consumed this with statistics and graph well the don’t worry because in this post i will provide you the information related to a software which is free and it will monitor your internet activity on daily basis.

Most of the countries internet service provider are currently offering unlimited internet access for a month but there are quite a few companies which are offering good internet speed but what they do is reduce the data plan to some GB which might get consumed easily because of the internet speed and after that extra charges will be added to your balance while you still unaware of that fact that your free internet plans is over but the suspense will break next month when the service provider generate huge bill which is not easy to pay. To over-came that fraud to customers some companies reduced their data plan to very slow speed after their high speed data consumption so they know their high speed internet access is finished and also they will not charge some extra bucks because of the fact they not know about the consumption of internet but what will happen if a companies does not offer this service? To know detailed history about your internet access there is free software that allows users to accurately see their internet consumption with graph and statistics and the name of the software is Networx.


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Check Internet Usage Monitor and Statistics through Networx

Below this section you will find information related to how to use or download Networx Monitor.

  1. Go the following Networx Website and download the software.
  2. After you download the software on your PC or laptop install and then it will show an icon on right of the taskbar.
  3. Right Click on the icon in the taskbar and then click on option SETTINGS.
  4. On Settings Dialogue Box click on tab ADVANCED.
  5. On Advanced tab select the month date when your free plan activated my free limited internet pack activated on 3rd of every month.
  6. Once you enter those settings on OK button and ITS DONE now check your internet usage or graph by clicking on icon mentioned in the taskbar. Once the date you mentioned in the settings reached it will automatically restart your plan from zero internet consumption.

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