Enabling or Disabling Facebook Notifications

Facebook Notifications:- There is no doubt that Facebook is the best social media website to stay in touch with friend but staying always active on the website and wait for the message from friend is quite bothersome. While sitting on our computer and wait for our beloved ones to message us is sometime quite frustrating because if we busy on doing other activity we might get missed the call or be late to respond the messages. To save you from this troublesome scenario Facebook has given a function in their website which is known as notification. Notifications function allows it users to set a tone whenever they receive message or other important information from their friends.

Notifications are also used to send messages direct to your cellphone so you will stay updated for every activity while you are offline. As cool as it seen the function also has its disadvantage and one of its major disadvantages is its message. Whenever you friend performed an activity on internet it will send message and suppose if you are in office or with friend the phone messages will never stop and it will spammed your inbox with messages. For my point of view Facebook notification are best to use till certain amount time and then disable the notification. If you want to enable or disable Facebook Notification follow the below mentioned steps:-


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Enabling Facebook Notification

  1. Go to your facebook website and sign-in to your account.
  2. After sign-in to your account click on bottom down arrow and then click on SETTINGS.
  3. On Settings Page click on NOTIFICATION link which is given at right hand side.
  4. Now under NOTIFICATION SETTINGS click on “ON FACEBOOK” and choose if you want to turn on sound. You can also select what notification you want to active sound on like Birthday Notification, Tag Notification etc.
  5. Now Click on Text Message and turn on the Text Messages Notification.

Disabling Facebook Notification

  1. Follow first two steps in enabling facebook notification and then click on NOTIFICATION.
  2. On Facebook Notification Page click on NO FACEBOOK and on Play A Sound when notification received Option Choose OFF given at right side.
  3. Same goes for Play A Sound when Messages Received.
  4. Now Scroll down and click on link Text Message and choose option TEXT NOTIFICATION are turned off.

For more information and updates on Enabling or Disabling Facebook Notifications stay updated to this website.

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