Easy Steps To Send A Picture Using Gmail

Send Picture in Gmail:- Gmail is a popular email service provider that can send single or bulk email to various users who holds an email account. In email you can send formatted text and pictures of your choice. Writing a text on your email window is the first to step which you have accomplish till know. The second main steps in every email is to attach or upload picture on your email that enhance the effect the text communication you write in your email and also give the energetic feel. Well its not hard to attach pictures on your gmail account actually there are more than 3 unique ways in which you can attach or upload images to your email and send it to the users but be vary because in single mail you cannot attach or upload more than 25 MB of Data whether they are files or photos. So lets take a look on methods on how to upload and send pictures in gmail:-


Sending Photo Or Pictures Using Gmail

Gmail Services provide three easy methods to upload a picture on their database which are given below:-

Method #1 Using Photo Button Given in Mail

  1. Open your gmail account and compose a new mail.
  2. Now a email window will open on bottom right side of the page.
  3. Now write your email text, address and subject and then click on INSERT PICTURE button given at bottom button sections.
  4. Now click on upload tab and then click on CHOOSE PHOTO TO UPLOAD a new window will appeared and you will be on document section of your computer. Now choose the image from you computer and click on OPEN button to upload photo.
  5. Now your photo will be upload on your computer click on SEND button to forward your mail to the email address you mentioned on address.

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Method #2 Using Drag and Drop To Send Pictures

Well we often you use drag and drop feature on our window to move our file to from one destination to other. For eg when we want to move our file from desktop to D drive instead of copy we open minimize window and drag the file on the desktop to D: drive to move the file same goes feature is available in gmail as well.

  1. Compose a new mail and then open the folder on your computer from which you want to copy the file.
  2. Now drag that file where you write your email and drop to directly upload the picture in mail.

Method #3 Using Attach File Function

With above two methods you can only upload the picture you select but what happen if you have more than one folder to upload pictures on the single mail. Well dont worry there is a function given for that purpose only which is Attach File function. To upload multiple folder of pictures file first you have copy all the picture folders in single folder then use winzip or winrar software to zip the folder. Once the folder is zip you can upload on your email. Given below are the step by step details:-

  1. Open your gmail account and compose a new mail.
  2. Now click on PIN button given at the bottom of the composed email tab.
  3. Now select the file you want to upload.

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