DuckDuckGo Search Engine Review – Is it Safe or Not?

DuckDuckGo Review:- Currently there are more than 230 search engines on the internet which are being used by the users to looking for the solution of their problems. The most used search engines in today are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and couple of search engine who are chasing around those giant search engine. One of those chasing search engine name is duckduckgo which overcome its competitors in many different ways. One of the key feature in this browser is it will protect the searcher privacy by not adding browsing history on the browser so if anybody check your browsing history after you left the computer they did not find anything and it also avoid filter bubbling in which users will see the search result based on their keywords not by their location preference or browsing history. So let’s take a look at the detail featured of the browser:-


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DuckDuckGo Review

We have used the browser for more than 4 month and found the below mentioned reason to not switch to another browsers:-


The first and foremost thing i like about this search engine is the privacy of the searcher. We all have face problem with internet history in life well in this browser we do not have to take care of deleting the browser history like we do on other browser because the search engine does not add any searching query to your browser history.

Ads Free Browser

Unlike any other search engine the duckduckgo is a ad free browser so you don’t have to see irrelevant ads first on the browser to go through your main solution page.

Expand URL

Ever wonder of the small url like”” that trick you into a page to see pop-up advertisement and sometime hang your browser. Well with the duckduckgo search engine you can see the full address of the url by typing in search box “expand”.

Search Quality

Unlike any other browser duckduckgo is a filter bubble free browsers. Filter bubbling are used in most of the browser in which users will see the result based on their location, history and the type of information user like to read.

User Interface Design

The design of the search engine website looks very clean and easy to understand unlike other clutter search in which a user has to focus on the information they have to search. Whenever you search a celebrity name on the search engine a tidy box with full knowledge about celebrity, picture and deep link will be appeared.

DuckDuckGo Safe To Browse

Duckduckgo browser is safe to browse for kids aged above 12+ years as per suggested by many parents because to run search engine you need at least basic understanding to use internet and in duckduckgo there is no restriction to search on internet and the browser does not save history which might get impossible to track searcher query.

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