Deleting Chat History Permanently From Facebook Messenger

How To Delete Chat History from Facebook:- Whenever a facebook user chat with other registered facebook person a history of his chat has been recorded above the messenger box. That history is saved on the facebook server so it could be very long depend on your conversation with friend. The last time when i am accessed the history of the conversation with my friend it was more than a year along with videos and images so now you could expect how much data can be saved on the history of facebook. The recorded history with your friend is an exceptional feature in any social media website or app because you can see anytime whats your last conversation with friend so you can talk accordingly the message you sent in past but there was once a time when you want to delete or clear those messages because you don’t want to see them or close friendship with that person in that case scenario you can use the deleting chat history function to permanently remove your conversation with friend forever. So lets take a look on how you can delete your chat history from facebook:-


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How To Delete Chat History from Facebook

While deleting your chat history it is recommended to use desktop instead of your smartphone device whether its android or iOS based because it will be difficult to find those option in smartphone device. Once you open your desktop and access to facebook follow the below mentioned methods:-

Method #1 Delete Entire Chat History

  1. Sign-in to your facebook account.
  2. Once you log-in to your account click on message notification and select the person you want to remove chat history.
  3. A small chat box at the bottom right side of the page will appear.
  4. Now click on GEAR LIKE ICON and then click on DELETE CONVERSATION from the list of opened options.
  5. Once you click on Delete Conversation button a pop-up box will be appeared asking for your confirmation click on blue DELETE CONVERSATION to delete the history of messages permanently.

Method #2 Delete One by One Chat Messages

  1. Sign in to your facebook account and then click on message notification.
  2. On drop down option click on link SEE ALL IN MESSENGER.
  3. Now you will be redirected to messenger page where you will find history of your every single facebook user you chat with.
  4. Click on the person icon given at the left hand hand side then the history of chatting with person open at the right hand side.
  5. Now mouse over to the message you want to remove then on the right hand side of the message two options will be appear click on three dot line.
  6. Once you click on three dot line icon a pop-up link will be appear with one option DELETE. Pressing that button will delete your message from facebook.

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