5 Common Android Phone Problems and Solutions

Common Android Phone Problems :- There are a-lot of error android users are facing everyday some of them are easy to fix and other takes more than a days time to fix. But today we are going to discuss the top 5 common android problem that every android user is facing at least one time in their life. So lets take a look the 5 common problems and how to fix them:-


List of Common Android Problems

Number 1: Android Inbuilt Memory or Storage Problem

Number 2: Battery Not Charging

Number 3: Malware or Phone Locked

Number 4: Signal Length Zero or not Catching

Number 5: Google Play Store Not Working

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Solution of Common Problems

Number 1: Android Inbuilt Memory or Storage Problem

Android internal storage space full is one of the most common error in android world. The android storage space is easily fill if you are downloading content or high quality video and audio from internet and store in your phone storage. In order to clear the phone storage space moved the video files to SD card, Clear your cache and remove unwanted app from your android device.

How To Clear Cache

  1. Go to SETTINGS and Click on APPS.
  2. On Apps Page click on the app you want to clear data.
  3. Now on App Page you can see check the data stored in cache click on button CLEAR DATA to clean up some space.

How To Move Files on SD Card

The easiest way to transfer files from android storage to SD card is via USB Cable. In order to transfer files follow the mentioned steps given below:-

  1. Plug in the USB Cable and wait for your smartphone to be installed on your laptop or desktop.
  2. Once the phone is installed a new drive will appear on My Computer open the drive.
  3. Once you open the drive two folder will visible one is Phone and second Storage.
  4. Now go to phone click on video folder and move all video or audio files to Storage Folder.

Number 2: Battery Not Charging

When you connect your smartphone with charger you battery is not charged this is also common error with many fixes but you need to identify the problem first. Check whether you charger is defective or just stop working by connecting other smartphone with it. If other smartphone is not charging then the problem is with your charger.

If other smartphone is charging then you replace the battery of the smartphone and then charge the phone again. If your phone battery is charging on another phone then this might be a problem in your smartphone charging jack which needs to be replaced.

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Number 3: Malware or Phone Locked

There are lot online website or third party app that are affected with malware virus. In order to remove those virus i personally recommended avira antivirus. If your phone is locked by pattern or you want erase all data from android go through our Hard Reset Guide.

Number 4: Signal Length Zero or not Catching

It is a common problem for every cell phone when your phone signal is gone to zero. It is possible when you are out of coverage area of your telecom service provider. But some-time you face the problem while you are in coverage are and all of your signal become zero. In this case choosing an another network option will restore your signal strength. Let me tell you how you can do that

  1. Go to SETTINGS and click on MORE.
  2. On More Page Choose Cellular Network.
  3. On Cellular Network page choose Network Operators.
  4. Once you click on Network Operator it will automatically scans for network around you.
  5. Now it will display every network around you then you can choose your the telecom operator and your signal will restore.

PS:- You cannot connect to other network using this method for eg if you are using vodafone cellular network you cannot connect to IDEA.

Number 5: Google Play Store Not Working

You can install almost every apps from android plays store but what will happen if your play store app stop responding and did not work? where did you install play store app from? well dont worry because there is a way to reinstall the play store. Just follow the mentioned steps given below:-

  1. Go to Settings and Tap on APPS.
  2. On Apps page scroll down and Tap on PLAY STORE app.
  3. On Play Store app click on DISABLE button and your app data will be deleted.
  4. Now open you browser and install play store app.

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