3 Ways To Check or Recover Your IMEI Number if Phone is Lost

Check IMEI Number :- Lost your phone by burglar or just drop the phone somewhere and forget dont worry because today i am going to share with you the three methods from where you can check or recover your smartphone IMEI so police can track your phone. I am writing about this post is because the same incident is happen with my friend when he lost his phone when we go to shopping at mall. We purchased our stuff and going back to car when we at the parking lot my friend recognize he did not have phone in pocket we searched a lot here and there for his phone but did not find. We even visited the places where we purchase the stuff but nobody know where he’s phone gone. After a long time when we not find phone i suggest him we better make a police complaint and went to police station but they asking them for IMEI number to register a complaint so they can track the phone. So we came back home and search alot and papers we find on home and later we recover the IMEI number and give it to the station so they can track the phone. But the problem we face to find it i dont want our reader will face so i will write what about what you can do to check ore recover your IMEI number instantly the three best methods.


Check IMEI Number

Method Number 1

Your best option here is going to google dashboard and checked your smartphone IMEI to do that

  1. Go to the following URL www.google.com/settings/dashboard.
  2. Login to your account once you login to your email account you will redirect to setting page scroll down to bottom and click on button ANDROID.
  3. On Android you can see the device you are login with using smartphone, information and IMEI recovery number as seen in images above. Copy the IMEI number and give to police station.

Method Number 2

What will you do if you not login to your account using gmail of you have old version which does not support android. In that case you need to do the following.

  1. Find the box in which you receive your smartphone.
  2. At the side of the box you will see price and IMEI number and in some case you see the IMEI number on receipt if you buy from good buyers.

Method Number 3

What will you do if you not have the box or your smartphone is not android or you not enter gmail account. The final option to find IMEI number is to visit the shop and ask them for your number. This method is really time consuming i know we dont know the correct date and time to purchase the phone but if you buy the smartphone then it is easy to find because a e-purchase receipt is issued at the time of purchase the phone. So users need to login to their account check the recent purchase and click on product invoice you will find IMEI number there.

Bonus Methods

If you are a regular vistor and only want to check your IMEI number just type the code in your smartphone dialing number *#06# to obtain the number or you can check our hard reset methods.

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