3 Ways To Block ISP Tracking

Block ISP Tracking:- From ages many ISP (Internet Service Providers) are accessing or tracking your browsing history and sell them to many advertisement company for profits secretly. But on March 2017 united states senate has voted that ISP provider can access the information of every users without their permission which gives the ISP provider full authority to check, store and share your browsing information such as history, website you visit and your activity on the internet. If you are concerned about your privacy on internet and do not want that your ISP provider will snoop on to your computer and access your information then you can use the below mentioned steps to secure your privacy.


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Block ISP Tracking

Currently there are three ways to block isp providers to access your information which are given below:-

HTTPS Website and Browsing Safe Mode

If you are really concerned about stealing your personal information such as login id and password or credit or debit card information then you should visit https website instead of http website. Almost every transaction based website on internet uses https SSL. Right before URL on address Bar you can see a lock icon and right next to it is text mentioned secure which means the website is secured so as your personal information. On the other hand safe mode in browser such as incognito mode in chrome help users to safe browsing on the internet and does not save browsing history on cookies. But its not 100% safe in incognito mode your history might be get viewed by your ISP.

TOR Browser

Tor browser is an open source browser project which was released in 2002 with the sole purpose of securing internet identity of it users. The browser connect with various users or volunteer around the world and bounce you communication though their networks which make internet service providers impossible to track your information but it uses a lot of internet data which affect your internet speed.

VPN Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) in short helps its users to connect to private network from a public network to browse anonymously on the website. It is 100% safe method to browse online but it cost around 40 to 50 dollars a year to obtain the services. The theory behind its process is it will use internet service provider to connect to a private network and then create a tunnel between website and the users computer and uses encrypted messages which is impossible to track by ISP.

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