25 Most Used Opera Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

Opera Browser Keyboard Shortcuts:- Opera browser offer two types of shortcut keys functions first is single-key shortcut which is by default inactive and second is multiple shortcut keys that required more than two keys to activate a shortcut command which is by default active on almost every browser. If you just want to type on keyboard and want to finish your work faster than single-key shortcut are your best option. You can also change the sequence of shortcut keys in Single-Key shortcut function by going to edit button. Single-Key shortcut can be activating by following the sequence Settings –> Preferences –> Advanced –> Shortcuts. On shortcut window section check on the box “Enable single-key shortcuts” to activate the function keys.



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About Opera Browser

Opera Browser was made its debut in April 1995 and it is one the competitor of popular browser of that time Netscape. Opera browser is well known for its fast browsing, compatibility and lightweight in size. The updated version of opera browser included free ad blocker and VPN service which attract a lot of users who want to fully secured their browser activity.

Opera Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is the list of opera browser multiple keyboard shortcut keys which is by-default active on every browser:-

  1. Alt + Left Arrow ——- Take you one page back*
  2. Alt + Right Arrow —— Take you one page forward*
  3. F5 —- To refresh a page
  4. Shift + Enter —— Open the typed web address in a new browser.
  5. Ctrl + W ——– To close the current browser window
  6. Ctrl + Enter ——- To finish autocomplete web address (For eg type domain name and press ctrl + enter then information like http:// and .com will be added automatically.
  7. Alt + P —— Open Preference Window.
  8. Pg up/ Pg dn  —— One page up or one page down from webpage.
  9. Ctrl + N —— To open a new browser window.
  10. Ctrl + P —— To print the opened webpage.
  11. Ctrl + T —— Open a new browser tab.
  12. Ctrl + H —— To minimize the browser to system tray icon.
  13. Ctrl + Tab —— Shift between browser tab.
  14. Ctrl + 2—– Open Bookmark Panel.
  15. Ctrl + J —— Open the browser download history.
  16. Ctrl + F —— Find a word, letter or phrase on the opened browser window.
  17. Ctrl + E —— Open a history in web browser address bar.
  18. Ctrl + Shift + T ——- To re-open the last closed browser window.
  19. Ctrl + Shift + C —— Copy the content directly into opera note.
  20. Ctrl + Shift + Del —— Open clear browsing history window.
  21. Ctrl + O —– Open an html file saved on your computer.
  22. Ctrl + S —— Save the opened html website files on your computer.
  23. Shift + Esc —– Enter Access-Key Mode.
  24. Ctrl + Shift + N— Open a private window.
  25. Ctrl + 0(Zero) —— Zoom back to 100% of the page.

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