25 Most Used Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts:- Did you like to work on a fast pace environment? If yes then keyboard shortcut is one of the most convenient method for you to save your time and to complete your work fast. Internet explorer provides various shortcut commands on its browser which let its users to quickly finished their work so today i am going to share with you the 25 most used internet explorer keyboard shortcuts which i recommend that everybody should use but before telling those shortcut keys lets take a look on quick overview of the internet browsers history of the browser:-


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About Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer was made its debut in August 1995 after the popular browsers of 1990’s Netscape. Since the launch of the browser it gain immense popularity because of the brand name and it was later pre-installed in windows 98. The browser reach to its peak in 2002 when 95% of online users used internet explorer but its popularity started to decreasing when Mozilla Firefox is launched in 2004 with unique features and add-on functions. Internet explorer continued to lose its popularity when google chrome browser has been released in 2008.

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is the list of 25 most used internet explorer keyboard shortcut:-

  1. Alt + Left Arrow ——- Take you one page back*
  2. Alt + Right Arrow —— Take you one page forward*
  3. F5 —- To refresh a page
  4. Ctrl + (+ or -) —— Use + to increase page and text size or use – to decrease*.
  5. F12  ——– Developer Option to temporary edit web page you open (Required HTML and CSS knowledge)
  6. Ctrl + Enter ——- To finish autocomplete web address (For eg type domain name and press ctrl + enter then information like http:// and .com will be added automatically.
  7. Ctrl + D —— Add a bookmark of the page to quickly access next time.
  8. Ctrl + Shift + B —— Display a bookmark bar right below address bar.
  9. Ctrl + N —— To open a new browser window.
  10. Ctrl + P —— To print the opened webpage.
  11. Ctrl + T —— Open a new browser tab.
  12. Ctrl + U —— Open the source page of the browser in which you can view HTML code of the website.
  13. Ctrl + Tab —— Shift between browser tab.
  14. Space —– To scroll down a screen section helpful to read long content online.
  15. Ctrl + J —— Open the browser download history.
  16. Ctrl + H —— Open Browsing History.
  17. Ctrl + E —— Open a history in web browser address bar.
  18. Alt + C ——- Display favorite bar on right side.
  19. F11 —— Display browser in full screen.
  20. Ctrl + Shift + Del —— Open clear browsing history window.
  21. Ctrl + O —– Open an html file saved on your computer.
  22. Ctrl + S —— Save the opened html website files on your computer.
  23. Esc —– Stop the page from being downloaded.
  24. F7 — Start Caret browsing which allow you to navigate screen like MS Word Document.
  25. Ctrl + 0(Zero) —— Zoom back to 100% of the page.

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