The Future Version of Mobile Lets Have a Look

There are many mobile options nowadays some design and specs have changed other wise the same concept oat different price. but in future the design of the smartphone will change into whole new looks. today we show a quick of look of the changing generation of the mobile phones.


These are the new concept that might be seen in future version of smartphone. The smartphone can bend like elastic and become transparent. The specification of the smartphone will increase dramitically in future version of the smartphone. From the current design prospective we see samsung is looking at the apple design and apple will look at the samsung design and the other company look at both design and specs and follow their footstep. So in the era of mobile we not see something innovative and creativity in smartphone except of specifications and price. So to overcome that gionee has launched something unique concept in smartphone with its two 1080p display and currently we see a new concept of idea in asus when its launch its tablet asus padfone mini in which the smartphone can switch between tablet. In future there is a concept of changing the smartwatch design to flexible and more user friendly.

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